Minecraft Survival?! – Day 18

So we are back!!! I hope you all had happy holidays with family and friends, and I hope you got all the goodies that you hoped Santa would bring you :D I also hope you had a smashing night last night to celebrating the New Year! Wooo, I hope 2012 will be better than the last year and I hope everyone has a fantastic time. So getting back on schedule I will be uploading a video everyday again! YAY! I am also working on another series and lots of goodie things for 2012 so keep an eye out and tell your friends! :D xox -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The Texture Pack is John Smith which you can find here: www.minecraftforum.net Mo’Creatures Mod : www.minecraftforum.net

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  1. @bobby45674121 After some checking it looks like you only started your on the 12th Feb 2012.. I was doing this in 2011 10th December (almost a month ago).. so maybe I should say the same thing to you (blah blah you stole my name. trolol).. And come on.. Minecraft Survival is the name of the damn game.. And doing it by days.. well that’s not exactly something which took rocket science… I decided to record one episode a day so it was obvious to call it, Day 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on.. Get a Life.

  2. Hey Pandora I suggest you place some torches around your crops. Lighting the area up next to them will help them grow a lot faster. Also, whenever any mob walks across tilled dirt it will mess up the tilling and destroy any crop growing on it. However, you can sneak across the tilled dirt and it won’t destroy anything. This is a really awesome series, by the way. Keep up the great work. :)