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El tipo duro no busca problemas, los problemas lo buscan a él
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Sylvester Stallone - Italian fans tribute

Frasi & Scene tratte dai film di Sylvester Stallone: Rocky, Demolition Man, Dredd – la legge sono io, Cobra, Rambo, Tango & Cash, Sorvegliato Speciale, Lo Specialista, Rambo 2 – la vendetta, Oscar – un fidanzato per 2 figlie,
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Cobra (1986) – Theatrical Trailer – © Warner Bros.

Film: Cobra. Starring: Sylvester Stallone as Lieutenant Marion ‘Cobra’ Cobretti, Brigitte Nielsen, Reni Santoni, Brian Thompson, Andrew Robinson, Art LaFleur and Lee Garlington. Directed by: George P. Cosmatos. Story written by: Paula Gosling “Cobra” (novel) Screenplay & Dialogues written by: Sylvester Stallone. Distributed by: © Warner Bros. Theatrical Release Date: May 23, 1986 (USA) Niceties by: Synopsis! “Cobra” is a 1986 action film directed by George Pan Cosmatos, starring Sylvester Stallone, Reni Santoni and Brigitte Nielsen. The movie was loosely based on the novel Fair Game by Paula Gosling, which was also filmed under that title in 1995; it also arose out of Stallone’s original ideas for the film Beverly Hills Cop. He had wanted to make a less comedic, more action-oriented film. When he left that project, Eddie Murphy was brought in to play the lead role. Plot! Marion Cobretti aka “the Cobra” (Sylvester Stallone), a police officer from a division of the police known as the Zombie Squad, is called into a hostage situation at a grocery store when negotiations fail. Cobretti kills the gunman, but before his death the criminal mumbles of a “New Order”: a group of supremacists who believe in killing the weak and leaving only the strongest and themselves to live and rule the world. When the bodies were taken out of the supermarket, Cobretti is admonished by Detective Monte (Andrew Robinson) for his seeming disregard for police procedures and protocols
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Reportaje sobre las peliculas de Rocky Silvester Stallone para el programa cinescape y presents cobra sylvester stallone

Silvester Stallone in Cobra.ALEX IS MULTI TALENTED, he is a film critic, actor, director, historian and a passionate collector of film paraphenalia specializing in James Bond and Star Wars. He has an archive of 47.560 films and 37.954 original music film scores. He has researched and written extensively on JFK, Nixon, Sean Connery Adolf Hitler and the Occult Order using Ancient Esoteric, The New Cold War, and films related to American history. He also has an archive of documents relating to film, autographs, World War 2, Cold War and American Presidents. Now he writing a book of film dedicated to the American Presidents from 1939-2008. The Title “The Union State at The Movie”. In addition Alessandro produces short films where he recreates scenes from famous films like Rambo, Cobra, James Bond, The Godfather and many others. His special twist is that he recreates the action and atmosphere of each scene while lip-synching to the original voices in Italian and English of De Niro, Brando, Stallone, Connery, Brosnan, etc. (In Italy all films are dubbed over in Italian so internationally famous actors like the above are famous in Italy not with their own voices but with the voices of famous Italian actors who do the voice overs. Usually the same Italian actors are used to dub the same English speaking actors in every part they play. So, for example, Robert De Niro is known and recognized in Italy with a particular voice that is not actually his own). While recreating the film

“Street Customs 2″ Ep. 12 – Stallone’s ’55 Ford Sylvester Stallone’s upcoming movie, “The Expendables,” pays homage to the big action flicks of the 1980s and `90s, and will even include our own California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in a cameo role. The film is set to feature a 1955 Ford F100 truck, which had to be fully restored for silver screen worthiness. The customization experts at West Coast Customs would be the ones handling the restoration efforts. After calling upon WyoTech students Owen Lubenow, Rusty McClintock, and Matt Myers for assistance, the crew at WCC was able to churn out three fully restored 1955 Ford F100s: two for the movie itself and one for Stallone to keep. The ground-up restorations included metal fabrication work and the installation of a 347-cubic-inch Ford small block from ATK Engines, which reportedly put out 429 horsepower and 411 pound-feet of torque when fitted with an Edelbrock Total Power Package. “The Expendables,” written and directed by Stallone, features a full billing of all-star action actors, including Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, and more. The movie will be released on April 23, 2010.
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COBRA – Sylvester Stallone ( Part 1 of 6 ).mp4

COBRA - Sylvester Stallone ( Part 1 of 6 ).mp4

COBRA – Sylvester Stallone, Trailers Action And Adventure

Maximo TV http Sylvester Stallone and Family at “TheExpendables” Premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood,Ca USA August 3, 2010 ***This footage is available for licensing*** The viewing of this clip by website visitors is only permissible for personal use; copying, commercial use, distribution, broadcast, download, additional use or transfer is expressly prohibited. Contact us for more information at © Ricomix Productions / Maximo TV™ /